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Carlls River Environmental Group

Preserving and enhancing the Carlls watershed

     The Carlls River Environmental Group (CREG) is a non-profit now being established in collaboration with Seatuck Environmental Association (

     The Carlls, the fourth largest river system on Long Island, is a place of life, respite and learning, used by community members for a variety of pursuits which enrich their lives daily. Now it’s our turn to enrich the Carlls and its surrounding land for future generations.

     A primary focus at CREG is helping young people get to know the treasure of the natural environment right in their back yard. With more than 30 schools on the Carlls watershed, CREG supports youth learning through neighborhood outdoor exploration.

     In concert with the Seatuck, CREGs initial activities will center on a biodiversity survey which will result in a guide to the natural resources of the watershed – flowers and trees, bird life and fish, and many other elements of the woods and riverbanks.

     Our vision is to awaken the connection between us and the world just outside the door. We will examine the river’s health, the qualities which make it an irreplaceable resource and determine what CREG can best do to preserve and enhance the river’s place in our communities.

     Whether you are in the headwaters of the Carlls in Dix Hills, Wheatley Heights, Deer Park and Wyandanch, or down river in North Babylon or Babylon Village with the river delta, including Fosters Creek, leading to Great South Bay, this is your river, a spring and rain-fed fresh water resource teeming with life and carrying the potential for an even greater biodiversity which will only improve our environment.