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Carlls River Environmental Group

Preserving and enhancing the Carlls watershed

About Us

CREG was created in recognition of the fact that no single organization looks at the entire watershed of the Carlls River. While several governmental units regulate the properties in the watershed (much of it is owned by the state of New York), each works to its own policies.

The natural elements of the Carlls, however, are interactive across man-made boundaries. At CREG, we look at the big picture, seeking to preserve and enhance the entire environmental system to both its benefit and that of everyone, especially the children, in surrounding communities.

Working closely with educators, CREG and Seatuck Environmental Association -- CREG's collaborative partner -- will open the Carll's River watershed to exploration, discovery and appreciation.

Initially, we will document biodiversity across the watershed, thus creating a base for nature guides, trail exploration and a host of learning opportunities, in addition to wider enjoyment of this natural wonder in our own back yards.


Please join as a member of CREG to support us.

If your or a family member or friend want to help, volunteer.

See the "Contact us" section for information on connecting.

 CREG has been created in collaboration with the Seatuck Environmental Association.